Vertical planters

Spring '16 I was elected Dartmouth Panarchy's sustainability chair, and began designing an array of vertical planters to reduce water and ground space use, as well as to provide fresh produce. For my experiments, I grew kohlrabi, lettuce, carrots, tomatoes, and sugar snap peas. Following photos are of sprouts about two weeks old.

first draft of a free-standing vertical planter I laser cut in the Thayer Machine shop and finished in the HOP woodshop

Second draft: all joints are friction-fit for modularity and flat-pack.


a set of two hanging planters whose structures are made entirely of recycled bottles. Instead of water leaching out into the ground, excess drips from one planter to the one below, and any water dripping from the bottom-most planter is collected to be reused.




on the right is the first planter I made using this idea; the planter on the left is a more polished version, both shown here after just a few weeks of growth.


Video of the percolation process months after planting.


I also experimented with rooftop gardening and hydroponics, which I may refine and post later.

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