print making

Experiments in laser cutting and print making with Maggie Walton. The process isn't perfected yet, but is radically faster than traditional entirely hand-printmaking processes.





Winter '15 and Spring '16 I experimented with a digital process of reducing images to a few color vectors and exporting those outlines to a laser cutter to make stencils. The process could be used on almost any image and could be used to make stencils, printing plates, etc. It was a little sloppy with the found stencil materials and spray paint I could find, but could be refined for a number of applications.

a Mondrian I adapted to my technique 
I hand cut the stencil for this eye of Horus

below on the left most is an edited photograph of Kurt Gödel

and the two on the right are synthesized colorations of Japanese Woodcuts

all painted from laser cut stencils
 20160124_232136 20160124_232145_001

an original rendering made from 4 differently colored stencils


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