Parametric furniture


Instead of designing one piece of furniture, here I designed a set of constraints and relationships defining a family of objects. Here are some pictures, although the boon is the idea itself more than this instantiation of it. I'd like to create more designs this way, and to develop a tool to make it easier for people to interact with objects designed this way– I think it has a radical potential to open design and fabrication, and reduce reliance on global supply chains for objects and materials.

 New design and fab technologies make this possible. Machines Room in London is one that's especicially concerned with this burgeoning future. I spent a month this summer working there to develop this idea. You can read about some of the ideas that motivated my inquiry here, and you can read a more thorough motivation and explanation I wrote for their blog.

The quick summary is this: I tried to design the most simple furniture form I could, and then parameterize it in such a way that it could be modified to make a chair, table, desk, sawhorses, stool, or bench of any specifications. Because everything is customizable by the user with only minimal requisite knowledge, one could change the paraemeters to fit most end-uses, size specifications, available materials, and tooling options, without needing to understand how to use CAD software. While companies like Open Desk have opened the process of manufacturing furniture, this work is about opening the design process.

Here are some sloppy 360 animations: