heat, hands, & coffee

Some idle CADs manifesting my idle thinking about coffee, hands, and my overheating computer.

Reciprocating mugs invite you to hold them the way they can hold you back ^^heat sink-inspired coasters ^ cool down too-hot beverages. Deeply impractical // probably v difficult to clean well, but a funny train of thought —>

leading to this heat sink koozie. Thinking about beer koozies as insulators for very-conducting aluminum cans, vs these sort of inverse koozies: conductors for very-insulating ceramic mugs. In case it's unclear, they're conductive metal plates strung with elastic, so they can fit around differently-sized mugs.

^ another heat-sink inspired thing: a desktop or wall-mounted card holder.

^ a silly not-very-relevant doodle.

As always, hmu if you want any of the CAD files to work with or make or w/e.