I lived and worked at Habibi Works for about 6 weeks Spring '18. They're a community makerspace for residents of refugee camps around Greece (mostly Katsikas Camp). I wrote a piece about their work for Makezine, which imho explains what they do better than their website does ;)

One of my primary projects was renovating the ^^woodshop^^. Designing and making these cabinets became the centerpiece of the project:

They're made from about 60% reclaimed materials, and were co-designed with the other woodshop users. With another Habibi Works volunteer, I made the first, and then camp residents made the second. Along with some other smaller modifications (redoing PPE storage, materials storage, etc), the cabinets totally transformed the space, increasing and impoving storage, freeing up floor space, increasing counter-top space, making some supplies lockable, and isolating others from saw dust. Since I took these photos / videos, we continued to label everything in Arabic, English, Farsi, and Kurdish.  I only wish I had taken "before" pictures ;)

Original sketches (and ideas for improvements):