About me:

I graduated from Wheaton College in 2017 with a double major in Math & Fine Arts, and minors in Physics and Computer Science. I had one year left in my dual degree, BE-granting program at Dartmouth College, and had been invited to subsequently begin PhD work there in Engineering.

I left that program to instead explore open design and innovation around the world as a Watson Fellow, and then enrolled at Yale SOM as a Silver Scholar. That transition represents a change in thinking— a realization that our biggest challenges aren't material or technical, but permeate larger social, economic, and political systems.

I'm now looking at the things we make as culture— as reflections of those meta systems, or as aspirations to new ones.


About this site:

This site is a collection of projects big & small that I've undertaken for coursework, my communities, or just for fun. On the home page, you'll get the full spectrum arragned chronologically: some relatively quick projects, maybe poorly photographed, and others that took many months and were documented carefully.  If you want a more curated collection of work, check out my '2017 in review.'

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