When I was a kid, I was a student in Art Ellis' aeromodeling class at the Eli Whitney Museum, and got hooked. Soon after, I began traveling to competitions, culminating in a Junior National Champion title in 2005, and 3 podium placements at the 2006 Nationals. Those experiences sparked my interest in craft, engineering, design– so I now teach a similar class at the museum each summer to continue offering kids the pivotal experience it was for me. Below are some models I made as part of that curriculum.

Peck Sky BunnyWP_20130324_003

Air Hare designed at the Eli Whitney Museum.WP_20130323_002

From left to right: My adaptations of the classic 50 Second Simon, AMA Cub, US Kid glider wing, and Josh Revkin's and my Whitney Glider.

wpid-img_20140725_142347206.jpg wpid-img_20150812_214001.jpg

Wacky 1-off modelWP_20130724_001

An example of one of my student's avant designsIMG_20140711_141857662

Below are two planes I found in my attic from those days. The first is an almost-completed, folding-prop, Mulvahill model, the second is a winning Carolyn P-30 (designed at the Eli Whitney).wpid-img_20150813_194519674.jpgwpid-img_20150813_194812475.jpg


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