This first one turned out to be to expensive to make (yet), but was designed to be 3D printable, and subsequently slip-cast.

I love throwing. These were made over the course of a few terms at Dartmouth College.

20160522-_MG_9713 20160522-_MG_9712 20160522-_MG_9709 20160522-_MG_9706 20160522-_MG_9704 20160522-_MG_970020160522-_MG_9701

20160522-_MG_9697 20160522-_MG_9687 20160522-_MG_9678 20160522-_MG_9683 20160310-_MG_9394 20151130-_MG_9291 20151130-_MG_9281 20151130-_MG_9284