editorial spread


A magazine spread I made for my graphic design class– the writing, graphics, and design as a whole are all my work.

Liam's movie poster


This is a movie poster I made for my graphic design class. Original illustration and design.

Screen Shot 2017-04-30 at 2.00.08 PM

A tattoo I designed for a friend, who wanted to commemorate a house she lived in, numbered 14, with four other people. It's meant to look a little like a house, and the number 14, and to each different color line represents a different house mate.


This is a logo I designed for a start-up out of Wheaton College that I worked with to design machine learning applications to help patients manage their Type I Diabetes.

tracing the thread poster


This is a poster I designed for a student-curated, textile-themed exhibition in Wheaton's galleries.



This was an exercise for one of my first art classes, called 2D design.



imagine 35

A poster I made to increase awareness of Wheaton's new IMAGINE grant program


I come back to pattern making, periodically (read more here). Some highlights follow:

pattern5 pattern3pattern4 pattern 1     Print  textile3 textile2 Print Print