My most recent project, an IMAGINE grant funded project with my classmate Sophia Darby and profs. Goodman, Allen, & Armstrong:

some of my experiments in instrument making:

harp and lap steel guitars are original designs made by laser cutter. The ukulele was a craft project. The platonic solids were meant as one experiment in how distribution of volume affected sound of resonant spaces.

IMG_20150729_104912626 IMG_20150729_104526450 IMG_20150729_104500 IMG_20150729_104604833

A musical keyboard I conceptualized, designed, and made to translate notes into 2D space– a multidimensional update to the piano keyboard.

wpid-img_20150803_173347802_hdr.jpg wpid-img_20150803_173658406_hdr.jpg

I rebuilt Wheaton's recording studio Spring 2015 as General Manager of WCCS. Fundraised, hand-made new desks, configured and integrated recording equipment, etc. Pics are of the messy studio mid-projects: mixing Hoo:lumes first studio album, reconfiguring our preamps, and IMAGINE grant work.20150730-_MG_8679 20150730-_MG_8677


Earlier pics of messy studio before I finished the second desk & sound treatment, as Hoo:lumes were beginning preliminary recording to test our new system & work flow:20150511-_MG_740620150511-_MG_7412

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