This is a mug I designed to be made via shapeways' 3D printing -> ceramics process. More from this series here.

This chair part of a series of experiments making classic (expensive) furniture design easily and cheaply CNC-able.

This one's part of a brief interest in designing with single lines.

These are some dishes I made while thinking about new technologies for reduced-risk product development.

I got really into sculpting with a hot glue gun, a process I jokingly call analog FDM 3D printing.

This is a table I copied from Donal Judd. to find out why, click here.

I did several CNC experiments Summer '17 you can see here, and a more conceptual, related project here.



A tensegrity sculpture made from fluorescent tubes, wire, monofilament, 3D printed fixtures. part of a larger body of work.


A weird lamp I made with a fluorescent tube


A sculpture I made from wood, acrylic sheets, and PLA filament


Curved paper folding



A paper sculpture I made from magnetized, tessellating polyhedra. They snap together and apart to form infinitely many configurations– and are magnetized so they'll only snap together in a way that tessellates.


cast concrete Meissner Tetrahedra


Concrete casts of "Animal House" on VHS

 IMG_1505 IMG_1502

Sculptures made from garden tools, zip ties, and dowels


friction-fit, flat-pack vertical planter


a sculpture for my architecture course at Dartmouth




a skull & tooth mobile, made at BCA in Ireland as part of a larger body of work.


I made this custom desk as part of my recording studio build for Wheaton College