I write a column for Make: Magazine about my global inquiry into Open Design and Innovation

And I contribute to Wevolver's Hardware Blog.

I have a medium where I sometimes post things outside my other outlets.

I contribute to // edit this informal research doc by the Ananse Group (although I guess it's not really Writing so much as Research.

You can see my Personal Statement // Project Proposal for my Thomas J Watson Fellowship (Which I wont in 2017).  Although my thinking on the subjects have changed, these pieces are still representative of my writing style.

I also host a creative community where writing // editing // critiquing happen.

Fall '16 Saba Mundlay and I spearheaded the creation a "Change Lab" on Wheaton College's campus: a sort of makerspace for ideas, activism, and policy– a space that remains productive on campus today! The proposal we put together is a highlight.

I wrote a piece about the internet & democracy for Babe Lincoln Mag.

Then, this policy piece I had published in 2015 in the Roosevelt Institute's national student policy journal (p. 10)